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All-inclusive Holidays

Five days all-inclusive for £200 per person.

Pick your own dates, can be longer than 5 days.

What's included:

Nearly everything, from the time you get here. All food, wine, and an apéritif. Accommodation is simple and mostly shared. I provide all bed linen and towels, and all toiletries forbidden in hand luggage - soap, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, nail scissors and files, etc. There is a computer (old PC) for your use, and wifi connection free, a bring and borrow library, and a large collection of old vinyl, plus various CDs. You can borrow my old bikes at your own risk.

What's not included:

What we expect from you:

A muck-in and make-do approach! I'll provide the food, with two prepared meals a day, but you get your own breakfast, and organise a rota, or whatever, for clearing away, washing up, cleaning communal areas, and deciding the programme which will need to be planned according to the weather (it might be very hot, or it might rain) and our energy levels. I also want to join in with your parties!

Dance Holidays:

Largely circle dance, but we can also offer sessions of French traditional dance, and English country dance. John likes lively dances, and Breton dance. Janie specialises in "dancey dances". Technical level: moderate. Can you do a grapevine, and put your feet down in time to the music? Spiritual level: basic. In circle dance we expect to hold the circle and keep the group focus, but we will not offer meditational dance, or spend hours feeling Mother Earth through our feet.

We have an indoor space and a grassy outdoor space for dancing. We hope to arrange one dance at our special "sacred field", and possibly dance together in an outdoor space in the village. Janie loves singing for circle dance, and would welcome musicians who can play with her, or who would like to sing in harmony. If you would like to share in leading dance, we welcome you. Group size: 8 resident visitors, plus Janie and John and possibly some local dance friends. My aim is to provide a simple, affordable, dancing holiday in what we feel is the spirit in which circle dance should be shared.

French Language Holidays - 'partial immersion'

Spend your holiday with a French companion to show you around. Spend an hour or so each day with me reading French news articles and guide books, going over some grammar, and spend the afternoon and evening with a French companion chosen from a group of local people offering a variety of interests and activities. I have lived in France for seventeen years, have "A" level french, and have taught conversational French in England. I speak fluent (but not perfect) French, and have a special talent for helping intermediate French speakers to advance rapidly by a heady, analytical, etymological approach.

To benefit from this type of holiday, you need to be an "intermediate" French speaker. i.e. you need to be able to speak enough French to "get by". Ideal group size - 4 people.

Cost: the basic all-in price plus 30€ per session spent with a French companion, to cover their travel costs and time, and the cost of whatever meal you arrange with your companion. If you go to a restaurant, you pay for them as well; some companions will offer you a meal at their house, at a cost of 12€.