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In the music room

Ever since I was a girl, I wanted to be a singer with a band. I never found the band. At the age of 57 I decided I could wait no longer, so I sang without the band.

The Singing Room

Next to the church at Calvignac, just across the river from Larnagol, where I live, there is a little square building known as the salle paroissiale, the parish room, quite bare, with whitewashed walls and a concrete floor. It has an astonishing resonance. (Ironically, the pretty stone church next door has no acoustique.) Just to step inside inspires me to sing. Whatever beauty of sound there is in these recordings, owes as much to this little room as to me.

Je remercie infiniment la commune de Calvignac qui m'a permis de m'en servir gratuitement de cette petite salle.

These songs were originally published as two CDs. The first, The Sacred, is collection of chants and songs from many different spiritual traditions. This is singing for celebration of life, and should be done in company, so this solo version comes over as a bit odd, I think, but hopefully it is useful for learning and pleasant to listen to. The second album is all about earthly concerns, the wonder and pains of love and lulling the baby to sleep; English folk and parlour songs, jazz standards and little known foreign pieces.

If you want information about the origin of the chants and/or the texts, email me.

Janie Whyld, Le roc bois, 46160 Larnagol, France
tel: 00 33 565 30 24 33

Many thanks to my friend Mick for putting these songs on line. Don't forget to look at his website,, to see information about the phase of the moon, and how to order his lovely blue and silver moon calendars.

These are all simple links to mp3 files; left-click to play; right-click to download, probably, depending on your browser.

The Sacred

Chants from christian, sufi, amer-indian, aboriginal and earth goddess traditions. Many of them I learnt from Jane Wise with whom I circle-danced in Lincoln.

Greening with Life
Spirit of Peace
Ubi Caritas
Toward the One
Gentle with myself
Estarse Amando
Forever Young
The Beauty Way
The Walking Breath
Chief Seattle
Earth My Body
The Medicine Wheel
The Infinite Sun
Eagle, I call you
Wearing my Longwing Feathers
Fly like an eagle
Ancient Mother
Tall Trees
River flowing
Evening Breeze
Winter calls a new horizon
Cauldron of Changes
We all come from the Goddess
Dance of Moon & Sun
Moon, she dances; magnificence in ocean
Deep Peace
May the Road Rise with you
Merry Meet
The Cutty Wren
Dancing Day

The Profane

Songs which do not carry a spiritual meaning, hence lullabies and love songs, sweet songs and sad songs, folk songs and jazz. The profane has nothing, other than its root meaning, to do with profanity, as in rugby songs!

Satin Doll
Dancing Cheek to Cheek
Night and Day
As Time Goes By
Strangers in the Night
Blue Moon
Every Time We Say Goodbye
Lover Man
Smoke gets in your eyes
Moon River
Over the Rainbow
It was a Lover and his Lass
The Rose
Concierto de Aranjuez
Come to the Fair
Come Lasses and Lads
The Mallow Fling
The Keel Row
Strawberry Fair
Blow away the morning dew
Early One Morning
The Ash Grove
The Oak and the Ash
Wraggle-Taggle Gypsies
Scarborough Fair
The Three Ravens
Rose of Tralee
Endearing Young Charms
Golden Slumbers
Viva tutte
N'Ta Chto Mi Y'e
Asho Chela

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